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 Let us learn from you

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PostSubject: Let us learn from you   Let us learn from you EmptyTue Dec 11, 2007 12:49 am

Do you have a testimony that you wish to share of how you came to know and follow our Lord.

Blessed be,

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PostSubject: Re: Let us learn from you   Let us learn from you EmptyTue Dec 11, 2007 12:45 pm

Ok well i'll start then, i dunno if its much of a testimony, but its definitely a story that brought me closer to knowing God.

Well i have always been brought up in a Christian household ever since i was born. We went to church weekly, and celebrated all the religious holidays etc. But i don't think i can say i knew God until i entered Highschool. I have attended a Christian Highschool called "Brampton Christian Academy" near Caledon Ontario. Thats where it all started out for me.
Well figuring it is a Christian school, every week you would have bible study classes, which at the time i wasn't so thrilled...i was young, and simply didn't see the point. So time went by, gr9, gr10, gr11...before i realized...what i was being taught in school, at chapels, bible studies, and even simply hanging out with my friends would have the biggest impact on my life today.

I have learned who Christ is by myself, i looked and looked and i found Him, but what surprised me...was that he was always there in Me, i just needed to find him on my own. I had started to read the bible myself and started learning the Good Word on my own, with the help of friends and other sources with any questions i had trouble with, when reading.

What surprises me, God uses me...to glorify Him in all the possible ways i can, and one example is this forum. I believe God has a purpose for our Community here on Christian Warriors. God is reaching out through me to all our Members, using my talents such as web building, programming and my passion for computers.

He is a great God, and i am still learning everyday, but i have accepted Christ back in gr10 and it was the best feeling ever. I know God watches over me all the time, even when it feels like he's left me on my own sometimes.

Thats my story, simple...yet had a huge impact on my life Very Happy

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Let us learn from you
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