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 The United States of America?

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The United States of America? Empty
PostSubject: The United States of America?   The United States of America? EmptySun Jan 18, 2009 6:12 pm

Some of my friends were having a bible study one day and we hit a rabbit trail as sometimes happens and we came across a question which kinda left some of us unsure. This question was whether the American Revolution was a right or wrong thing. According to the Bible all governments are put into place by God and to revolt against such governments, or in all reality, all governments is indeed revolting against God. So from this point of view the American revolution was wrong. But when you really look into it some of the people who started the American Revolution were some of the strongest christians in American history. I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts on this was, because in all reality I'm not expecting a yes or no, just curiosity.
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The United States of America?
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